Saturday, 6 February 2010

Looking for someone to blame!!!!

I am blaming you ladies in Blogland!!!

I don't craft!! I can knit quite nicely and I love to bake!!!

But I don't normally do either very often!!! I knit when someone is expecting a baby and I bake when we have visitors or for a special occasion!!!

However, after seeing all your lovely posts on the wonderful things you make - especially the cushion made from Granny Squares, I was inspired to pay a visit to our local craft shop - after securing the services of my personal chauffeur and IT support!!!

I decided to buy these.....

After a couple of hours of hard work and intense concentration I made this!!!!!

What do you think???

By the turn of the century I should have one of the beautiful cushions that I admire so much!!!

Kindest wishes and love


LoloDesigns said...

This blogging lark does get you addicted to stuff eh:o)

I think your square is lovely and you will adore you cushion when it's done! I like crochet as it is a very easy pick up put down kind of thing, not having to finish a row, just one stitch! xx

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Love it, well done you.
Keep going I want to see a cushion!!!
Luv Sophie xxx

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Good luck with the cushion - we won't hold our breath!!!!

More lace photos soon.


RosieP said...

What a superb effor Angel, you should be very proud of yourself.
Looking forward to seeing more.

RosieP x

Florence and Mary said...

Well done Angel!!

I seriously need some crochet lessons.

Victoria x

Lisa said...

A cushion cover? I was thinking a big throw for the bed!
Crochet is something I keep trying, your square looks great!
Lisa x

TCake said...

oh well done you!... its addictable, can't wait to see the rest... hope the recuperation is going well... Tx said...

What do I think? WOW! thats what I think! I have bought that mag, and you should see my absolutely pathetic effort! suzie xxx

Della said...

I wish I could crochet- I've heard that you are either a knitter or a crocheter, I'm definitely a knitter. :)

Do you read Attic 24? Here's the link if you don't: She crochets, also.

Dragonfly said...

Very nice!! Love the colours. Good luck on finishing the rest - but if you don't you can use this as a coaster!!
Have a lovely weekend :-)

LissyLou said...

you can blame blogland!!! i've become soooo much more crafty since being here xx

koralee said...

Good for you...I too would love to knit or crochet....but I will stick to the baking part. I adore your little granny square..the colours are perfect! xoxo

Lisa West said...

You are so funnY!! You have the patience for can do anything my friend!!