Monday, 21 June 2010

Happy Monday!!!

Wishing you all a happy Monday!!!

I hope you all had fantastic weekends!! I certainly did!!!

I have been to two BBQs one on Saturday for a friend's 60th birthday, even Elvis attended!!!
We had a marvellous time, the only downside was the weather!!! It was more like November than June!! Freezing cold, very windy and rain showers!!!

The other was at a colleague's new house, they were so welcoming!!
I have never eaten so much beautifully cooked meat!!! It was another brilliant day, even the weather behaved, it was a bit cloudy at first then the sun came out!!!

It was a fantastic weekend!!!

A big thank you to both friends, for giving us such a wonderful time!!!

Kindest wishes and love

Friday, 18 June 2010

Still going at 100 mils per hour!!!

Sorry folks, things are still hectic!!!

Life is still speeding!!!!!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I really appreciate your support!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Kindest wishes and love

Monday, 14 June 2010

Friday, 11 June 2010

Have a relaxing weekend!!!

Sorry I haven't been around much!!!


Kindest wishes and love

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

What a great weekend!!!

What a fantastic weekend Yasmin and I had in Torquay!!

It was brilliant!!

The weather was gorgeous!!

We Stayed at a fantastic B&B called The Shirley Hotel.

When we arrived we were greeted like old friends instead of paying guests!!!

The Shirley is a large Victorian house, it's really clean, very well kept and the rooms comfortable!!

Their breakfast is second to none with plenty even for the largest appetite!!

It's served in a large bright airy dining room decorated with the Victorian look that that Gary and Debbi have tried to keep throughout!!

It's a fabulous way to start the day!!

I would definitely stay there again and would reccommend it to anyone looking for accommodation in the Torquay area!!

We arrived nice and early so we popped to the seafront for a glass of wine in one of the bars!!

We had a lovley fresh crab sandwich for lunch (this took some finding!!) at a delightful 16th Century pub called The Hole in the Wall!!

We certainly chose some great resturants and bars while we were there!!

Saturday we decided to visit Babbacombe!!

If you have never been it is so pretty!!

We spent a good few hours there!!

We started with a glass of wine in the beautiful Cary Arms!!

This pub overlooks the sea, it is really pretty and peaceful!!

We decided to take the fenicular railway to the top (it is quite steep!!)

Then we walked along Babbacombe Downs Road which is very picturesque

and found the beautiful Angel's tea room where we ate a gorgeous (huge) Devonshire tea!!

All in all we had the most wonderful time!!!

Kindest wishes and love

Friday, 4 June 2010

Girls trip - oh and a boys trip too!!!

I am off for the weekend to Torquay with my friend Yasmin!!

Our husbands are going over to France for the weekend to Caen for the D Day commemorations on the 6th of June!!

They are all travelling by scooter!!

This will be amusing - I'll let you know how many times they break down!!!

They have decided to camp and have chosen to pitch their tents on this great campsite!!

Have a great time guys!!!

Anyway back to Yas and I we are leaving early this morning and we are staying here

We are planning a totally relaxing girls weekend, eating, drinking and maybe shopping!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend too!!

Kindest wishes and love

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hubby's hobby!!!

Mr Angel has a hobby!!!

Nothing unusual about that, you might think!!

But Mr A's hobby takes up so much room!!!

He collects vintage motorbikes and scooters!!

He currently owns around 45!!

During a recent move to a more secure location: after he had two scooters stolen and one badly damaged, a few were parked on our drive, so I took full advantage and photographed them for you to see!!!

Luckily Mr A's our friend John - Yasmin's husband, restores scooters for a living so he and Mr A brought the damaged scooter back to life!!

Here are a few photos of some of his pretties for you to see!!

Now, they are not pretties as far as we are concerned, but for Mr A these are right up there with the best CK and vintage items that we all know and love!!!!

Kindest wishes and love