Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Shopping trip!!

Last week when I bought the lovely clothes I showed you on Monday I was accompanied on my shopping trip by Kelly and James!!

You can tell how much James loves Kelly because he came on a clothes shopping trip with mother and daughter!!!!!

We went to Lakeside Shopping Centre which is about 25 minutes from us (25 minutes on a good day, as it's via the M25)!!!

After our shopping trip we decided to relax over a nice meal!!!

We chose Giraffe - I am so glad we did!!!

The food was scrummy.

We each ordered a starter (and shared them!!)

Then a main course (all different so we could sample each others!!!)

Here is a photograph of one of our starters to tempt you!!

The portions are huge too (another bonus!!)

We will definitely go there again!!!

Kindest wishes and love


Green thumb said...

I've just visited Kelly and seen what she received from James..what can I say more about him?! He's wonderful!!!

Josie-Mary said...

James sounds great...lucky Kelly!
We have one of those in Exeter but I've never been. A few years ago a small bomb went off there, always puts me off......hahaha! x

RosieP said...

Sounds like you had a great time, food looks lovely.


LissyLou said...

i love giraffe..we always go there when we go to Lakeside xx

Florence and Mary said...

The mans a saint going shopping with you two ;o)... now is he up for the challenge of shopping with my mum and I!

How have I not heard/eaten at Giraffe - I have to investigate!

Victoria x

....Petty Witter said...

Time for something to eat, shame that we don't have a Giraffe in this part of England yet.

Jo said...

Hmmm, is James a glutton for punishment or what, shopping with his wife and mother in law? I've just come across your lovely blog via Kelly's and have read back through all your posts. Many many congratulations on becoming a nanny to be. January will be here before you know it.

Kelly said...

Yummy giraffe!! I think James secretly loves shopping with us! Its because we grab and go :)

TCake said...

Oh how lovely.... get K to text me the next time you are both popping to lakeside... i'm only up the road, can meet you both for coffee. How lucky is she?... have a lovely week Tx

Lisa said...

That's the size of a starter?!
Lisa x