Monday, 27 September 2010

Michela and Nephew sitting

This weekend has been busy.

I started the day early Saturday morning by going to M&S to do my shopping and some other errands!!

Then, as the lovely Michela is staying with Kelly for a few days, we met Victoria and Rose for breakfast!!!

It was a very lively, happy breakfast which we all enjoyed!!

After breakfast the girls had more shopping to do, but I went home as I was looking after Marcus for the rest of the day and overnight!!

My sister was enjoying the present that I bought for her 50th birthday in April.

It was a voucher for evening meal an overnight stay and breakfast here!!

Then she popped into a friends 30th birthday for a couple of hours!!

Marcus was very well behaved - as he normally is with me!!

The only thing was that he had a terrible nightmare and woke terrified at 04:45.

So I was awake then, and took quite a while to get back to sleep!!!

I feel exhausted now though!!

Kindest wishes and love


LoloDesigns said...

What a lovely sister you are, that hotel is just stunning, bet she didn't want to leave it :o) xx

Jo said...

What a lovely present you bought for your sister, I'm sure she will have had a fantastic time. said...

A lovely present! Susie xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Breakfast was good we definitely need to arrange another one soon!

Victoria xx

RosieP said...

Marcus had a great time and certainly came back with more bags than he went with, as he usually does when he sees Auntie. Thanks very much had a great weekend xxxx

Kelly said...

Was a great weekend!!! I miss Michela now though!!

Green thumb said...

So true that we had more shopping and your poor hubby can prove how heavy was my baggage! I hope his back is ok! :-)
I had a great time and loved my eggs & bacon+chips!
Thank you for the gorgeous pressies!