Saturday, 24 October 2009

Special Birthday

Today my very good friend Lesley has a 'special birthday'!!! I won't tell you how old she is, because - well because!!

I wondered for months what to get her, and one day came up with the idea of adopting her an animal from Australia Zoo in Brisbane!! As the zoo was the home of the late Steve Irwin 'The Crocodile Hunter' and Lesley is mad on him and anything that he did!! I decided on a Koala called Luca from there as she also loves them! The process was really easy, and today I gave her the adoption certificate!!
Here is a picture of her Koala, he made me laugh!
I also bought a few other things normal for 'special days', a tower of Belgian chocolates, a bouquet of flowers and some 'bubbly'!!

There was one other thing that I thought she would love - a cake!! So after checking with the rest of the family, I set to and made a large fruit cake, put marzipan on it and flat iced it. Firstborn angel offered to help with the decoration, which pleased me a lot. We decided to make the cake a teapot theme as Lesley loves her tea. When I got in from work, look what I found!!!!!

Isn't it beautiful!! I have a very talented little angel!!!!

I can say the Lesley was overwhelmed when she saw it!! So we were all happy!!!

Happy Birthday Lesley!!!

Kindest wishes and love


Michela said...

Happy birthday to your dear friend!
Such lovely gifts!
And what a talented angel family you are!!!!!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Lesley!!
What a lovely lot of presents!

Lots of Love


Martha's Favorites said...

Love the cake. I have never seen one like that ever. Blessings to you. Martha

Florence and Mary said...

The cake looks amazing!!

Victoria xx said...

What fab presents, she is so lucky to have a good friend like you! That cake is amazing and I very much like the bubbly bit! :) suzie x

....Petty Witter said...

What a lovely idea for a present - and as for that cake, how scrummy does that look.
Happy birthday Lesley, you obviously have a wonderful friend in Angel. A true friend, the best gift anyone can have.

Kate said...

WOW that cake is fantastic anyone would be thrilled to get that.
Have a great week

Dragonfly said...

Hello! Just found your blog - following now, I love it! I live nearish to Australia Zoo! Its such a great place to visit, and they do so many wonderful things for the wildlife. I didn't know you can 'adopt' animals. Great gift idea!! Love the cake too!!
Cheers, and happy birthday to your friend!!

Sherry said...

You are such a sweetie! What a great idea to adopt an animal and the cake is absolutely gorgeous!!

Have a great day!

LissyLou said...

That cake is gorgeous!!

Terra said...

The cake you created is wildly beautiful. It is almost too pretty to eat.
Plus the wonderful gift of a zoo adoption. This is a birthday to remember and treasure for your friend, I am sure.