Wednesday, 3 March 2010

To the shops !!

I thought I'd try a little shopping trip a couple of days ago: accompanied by my personal home help and chauffeur, we set off!!!

Inspired by the lovely goodies some of you ladies have found in their local CSs, we thought we'd give ours a try!!!

It was quite disappointing as there wasn't anything remotely pretty or vintage in any of them!!

It wasn't a totally wasted journey though!!

We did stop for a latte and a cake - well we didn't want to feel faint from lack of food!!

Thus fortified, I did manage to find these pretties to cheer me up!!

And this for my Hong Kong holiday

I thought it would be perfect dressed up to go out for dinner or dressed down to go sightseeing or shopping!!

What do you think??

Kindest wishes and love


Hannah VanderHart said...

ooh---it is the perfect time for flowers!

and the dress is adorable! :) That is the perfect style to dress up or down--I love the flexibility! :) you are going to have a blast...!

Kathy said...

I love the dress ... perfect for sightseeing. I have those pink hyacinths on my dining table ... they have a wonderful scent, and each bulb had a double flower. Well worth having!
Love Kathy xxx

RosieP said...

Fantastic trip then, the dress will be great for your holiday. Love the flowers, makes it very spring like.

Hugs RosieP x

lemonade kitty said...

Well done on the little shopping trip it means your on the mend!!! Love the colour of the dress and how can those lovely flowers not cheer you up, I can smell the hyacinths from here!! Love Lucey xx

LoloDesigns said...

I'm liking the dress, it would look great with some birkenstocks for sightseeing.

Glad you had a nice little trip out :o) xx

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

The dress is a true sweetie! Love the blue...Hong Kong here we come.... Love your Spring Flowers too, we can never have enough flowers!
Have a lovely day!

silk purse said...

What a lovely post! The dress is fab!..,

Thanks for stopping by for tes!

I've been photographing for two days and thought you might just enjoy my new pictures on The Plumed Pen blog for our two teas; Tuesday's and Wednesday's!

Have a marvelous trip darling!

Cheers From Wanda Lee @ THe Plumed Pen

....Petty Witter said...

Glad to read you are getting out and about, I love the flowers and the colour of that dress is beautiful.

Emma said...

The charity shops where I live aren't that great either.
I love the flowers.
I think you were right Spohie wants to win the bag I am giving away, don't blame her it's very gorgeous.
Emma x

coco rose said...

Absolutely loving the dress! Gorgeous style and colour! Am totally jealous! he he! I love hyacinths, they smell so gorgeous! They brighten up any day! xxx

Michela said...

Love your bulbs, I bet they smell divinely! xxxx

angie said...

beautiful dress, I really like the color, that kind of blue is very fashion this year in Italy..

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

The dress and the flowers all match! How very chic of you.

Love C. X

Della said...

LOVE the dress...I think I want it!

I just saw daffodils poking up in a flower bed...very exciting!

Kelly said...

Fab dress Angel, perfect for your trip! Love all the pretty plants!

Mimi said...

Thanks for popping in and visiting my blog, I love to have visitors!!!
WOW, what an fabulous trip you have coming up!!!! I travel alot, but have Never been to Europe yet or anywhere that far, got all 50 states though!!!!It sounds so wonderful and
I hope someday to get to lots of different countries as well, I love to study human sociology and nothing teaches you this then to travel abroad and see it for yourselves!!!!
God Bless you

tea with lucy said...

Dress it up. Dress it down. Wear it to dinner. Wear it to town!

Perfect dress for a Honkers holiday!

Lisa said...

I have a tub of those hyacinths from Tesco. The pot cover is so pretty I think.
Thank you for the message about our little Melvin.
Lisa x