Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Today is my lovely daughter's birthday - you all know who she by now!!

I just want to say Happy Birthday Kelly!!

Have a really great day, and an even better year!!

I love you!





~ Regan said...

♫♪Happy Birthday to Kelly!!!♪♫

Hannah VanderHart said...

awww...that is so sweet!

happy birthday, Kelly! :)

Duchess of Tea said...

Happy Birthday to my darling Kelly. I am so proud of her and so happy for all the joy in her life. I wish her a life full of blessing, love and happiness.

Love & Hugs

Kelly said...

Thank you xxxx

Candy said...

All I know is she's fortunate to have a mum like you. Well, I just met you and looking forward to know more.
Texas on your visit list? I am born and raised Texan and just as proud of home as any other, well more so. Texas is a big place and I/we have big hearts. Would love to have ya over for a walk-about and show ya the least in my neck of the woods.
Happy BiRtHdAy to KeLlY!!!

Martha's Favorites said...

Love your new blog look. Kelly did a wonderful job. Please say Happy Birthday to your daughter too. Blessings, Martha

AshTreeCottage said...

I hope that Kelly has a very Happy Birthday! But even more than that, my wish for her is that all of her years ahead are sunny and happy. May Kelly always be true to her soul and that she follow her calling. May she touch others with kindness and compassion. May she live a long and happy life filled with magic and wonder!!!

With love and best wishes,
Susan and Bentley

BeautifulDees said...

Happy Birthday to your darling daughter Kelly. I have a surprise for you at my blog, it is posted on my newest post. I hope you wont hate me.
Loe ya,Debbie

♥coco rose♥ said...

Happy Birthday Kelly, I think you have a very proud mum there, and rightly so! xxx

RosieP said...

Ah, she's the best girl in the world is our Kel. This year is going to be fab for her.

See you later

Hugs xxx

Michela said...

Happy Birthday to your firstborn Angel! xxxxx

Mimi said...

Be sure and tell your lovely daughter I wish her a very
and Many more!!!!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

c o n g r a t u l a t i o n Kelly! Oooo, just now I see the connection... That sweet Kelly!! (I'm reading your fourth comment...).

Have a lovely day in any way for the both of you!! xo

....Petty Witter said...

What a lovely post. Happy birthday Kelly.

Sherry said...

Happy Birthday to Kelly! You have a wonderful daughter Angel!

Jan said...

NUM...just beautiful and a gorgeous blog :)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Birthday Kelly Sweetie, Happy Bitthday to You. You are so lucky to have a beautiful ANGEL Moma. She loves you. May your birthday be full of happiness and may you receive all things special today.

Sweetie thank you for sharing your baby Angel's special day with us today.

Love the cake. Yummy for sure. Buttercream frosting is my favorite, and this one looks scrumptous. Thank you for sharing today. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

Cozy Little House said...

Tell her I said Happy Birthday! And that I typically celebrate mine for a whole month.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaah really hope she has had a lovely day.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Happy birthday!

Purple Sparkle said...

Happy Birthday to Kelly! :-) x
Love the pic of the cake, yum!

Stella said...

What a sweet Mum you are. The cake looks yummy!

Cottage Cozy said...

Happy Birthday from Oregon, Kelly!

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

What a brill Mummy you are!
I am loving being friends with you all. xxxxx

sweetwyo said...

Happy birthday to Kelly, hope she has a wonderful trip to Vegas!!!

Nezzy said...

Here' sending you beautiful Kelly a happy, happy birthday! May she have just the best birthday ever!!!

Have a day filled with blessings and fun~filled birthday celebration!!!

Duchess of Tea said...

Angel darling just popped in to say hi. Hope you all had a marvellous time.

Love & Hugs

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a sweet post. I will have to go by Kellys and wish her a Happy Birthday.
Hope your doing well...I ended up mowing today instead of going to Warrenton...I was behind in my chores but it last for two weeks so I will go again soon.